A tool to efficiently break up your cannabis nugs (aka larger pieces) into smaller portions for a smoother smoke from a bowl or used in filling rolling paper to make joints. Grinders also have a kief catcher that captures the super-fine cannabis dust rich in THC to be added to your joint or bowl or used in the making edibles.


Trays range in sizes of small, medium, large, and extra large, simply used to place your cannabis nugs, grinder, bowls, rolling paper/machine, and/or any other cannabis related accessories, You can find some with really cool prints and designs or in mostly flat colors, whatever that may best fit your aesthetic/home.


A smoking tool that serves both a functional purpose and can be used as an expression of one’s aesthetic. It can be used simply by filling the bowl at one end of the pipe with cannabis and lighting it, while smoking it from the opposite end. Best paired with a grinder to break down the cannabis nugs to provide a smoother smoke session.

Rolling Paper/Machine

A type of paper that can be filled with grinded cannabis (by using a grinder on larger cannabis pieces) and rolled into a joint in order to be smoked. There are two specific forms available: flat rolling papers or pre-rolled paper cones. While normal rolling papers are cheaper, they do require a bit of experience and practice in order to roll a proper joint. However, pre-rolled paper cones are simple to use and great for beginners as they simply can be filled, have their ends twisted, and they’re ready to be lit and smoked. However, if you would like to use the regular rolling papers, we also have machines that by following a simple few steps and using the regular rolling papers, you can have a joint ready in no time!

bunch of different brands of rolling papers
bunch of different brands of rolling papers
joint rolling machine)
joint rolling machine


More commonly known as vapes, have risen in popularity within the past few years as the most conventionally portable form of smoking. There are two forms, dry and liquid. Dry herb vaporizers will have a chamber in which cannabis can be inserted and then heated up to be vaporized and smoked via a mouthpiece. Liquid vapes work in a similar way except they use a cartridge that can be replaced and usually this cartridge contains liquid THC or a cannabidiol. There are also dab pens which work similar to liquid vapes except they vaporize a cannabis wax, which is a very concentrated extract of marijuana.


Bongs are probably one of the most commonly used and best-known ways in order to smoke cannabis. Bongs aid in filtering out a decent portion of the toxins, tar, and other contaminants that you could inhale via smoking, such as through alternate smoking methods like a joint. Bongs are composed of multiple components: the bowl, the downstem, the water chamber, the stem/ice catcher, the carb, the smoke chamber, and the mouthpiece.

  • How to Use:
    1. Fill the water chamber with water, usually up until it fills the bottom of the down stem. The more water that you put, the harder it is to inhale the cannabis smoke. Cold water can provide a better smoke experience depending on what you prefer. To test the amount of water, it is best to try a few test breaths through the mouthpiece in order to make sure the water doesn’t reach the lips.
    2. Remove the bowl from the bong. Grind up the cannabis you intend to smoke through the bong and pack it into the bowl. Then place the bowl back into the down stem section.
    3. Place the bong on an even surface and by a window if you’d prefer the smoke not to fill the room, you’re currently in.
    4. Grasp the bong preferably at the upper portion of the neck and place your mouth inside the mouthpiece. Hold it firmly to your face to create a seal.
    5. Light the bowl and slowly inhale at the same time. As you do, make sure to look carefully if the bong is filling with smoke and if the packed cannabis in the bowl is glowing. If so, turn off the lighter and move it away from the bowl.
    6. Keep the mouthpiece still, firmly against your face, with your mouth inside and continue to inhale and hold the smoke in your lungs. Once you are done, carefully remove your mouth from the mouthpiece and if you are with friends, pass the bong onto someone else.


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